A Fogo Island Winter Cabin Outing

Winter on Fogo Island might make a beliver out of even the most entrenched fair-weather-lover.

Elsewhere, Winter may conjure memories of of too much time spent with a snow shovel in hand, or days when cozy starts to feel closer to cloistered. Here, snow and ice are not the lead villains in a story of wintertime, they are Winter's biggest champions.

On Fogo Island, Winter brings with it as sense of adventure, fun, relaxation, and time well spent with family and friends. The colder months, blanketed by snow, create an inland playground of trails both well-travelled and yet to be forged on the way toward an inland cabin.

Traditional Newfoundland cabins are the primary setting for wild and wonderful winter amusement on Fogo Island, where kids of all ages can be found playing with abandon. Aboard a snowmobile,  gliding across frozen barrens and ponds, children, adults and those yet-to-grow-up feel the fun and freedom of the season. 

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Posted by: Brimstone