April Trails

On our island in the North Atlantic, the month of April has always proven itself to be a tempestuous yet remarkable time of year. The Aprils of today harken back to a time when our communities’ Winter provisions were dwindling, and a strange type of hunger would come to the fore. A hunger for action and activity; a need to simply get out and begin again.

April is anticipation… a promise May will keep. The ice has begun to break and move slowly, as if finishing the greatly enjoyed task of a winter spent hugging the coastline. The bright April sun emanates its long-awaited warmth and the first signs of Spring runoff and returning seabirds can be spotted. In nature, this truly is a stage of transition. This rare feeling is best captured during long walks that trace the rugged coastline, and map the many trails and paths of our island. Here, April’s character lends perfectly to explorations of both the great-outdoors and one’s internal landscape. Embrace it, and begin again.

The full board, two or three night itinerary for an April Trails stay at Fogo Island Inn begins at $1,575 per night, exclusive of taxes and includes: all meals, an Island orientation with a Community Host, and a range of outdoor activities and excursions. Rates are based on two persons sharing (solo travellers deduct $200 off base rate). Family suites are available.

Sample 3 Night Itinerary

DAY 1- Arrival

Check in to your remote and luxurious home-away-from-home, Fogo Island Inn; a traditional yet contemporary masterpiece of modern architecture and design. Convene to the Dining Room for a supper prepared using the bounty of the surrounding land and sea, or relax with a cocktail as you take in the sounds of local traditional musicians playing in our Lounge. Perhaps enjoy an evening screening of ‘People of the Sea’ in our in-house Cinema, and be transported as the documentary traces the long and intimate relationship between the inhabitants of Newfoundland and their surrounding oceanscape.

Day 2- Coastal Hiking

Join your guide in an exhilarating hike, retracing the footsteps of our ancestors, while witnessing the same natural spectacles our forbearers first set eyes upon from the vantage point of Bottle Gulch. Pass Jane Tom’s Beach as you amble around one of the most notable sites on Fogo Island: Todd Saunders’ architectural gem, the Fogo Island Arts Long Studio. Take a well-earned break over a traditional Island Boil-Up while your guide shares tales and insights about life on Fogo Island. Venture out in search of recently arrived seals and long awaited birds who have commenced their deliberate soar over our open expanses of crisp, clear water.

DAY 3 – Craftsmanship and More Climbing

Meet a local boat builder, skilled in the traditional woodworking craft that Fogo Islanders have been perfecting for generations. Observe punt-building techniques and be regaled by the stories of life lived between wind and water by these people of the sea. Enjoy a self-guided hike up dramatic landscapes of rock bounded by steep terrain and the aquamarine shoreline dropping spectacularly below. Hike up Brimstone Head, considered to be one of the four corners of the flat Earth. Your assent will unveil views of some of the most stunning vistas on Fogo Island, revealing the stark beauty and craggy outcroppings of our distinctive geology.

DAY 4 – Departure

Enjoy your daybreak box of hot drinks and warm baked treats, left outside your door at morning’s first light. Once you’ve finished your packing, fortify yourself for the journey home with a full farewell breakfast in the Dining Room.

To secure your April Trails, please call: 709-658-3444 or toll free in North America at 855-268-9277 or email [email protected]

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