For the Love of Cod Fishing

“The fish are so plenty they stay the progress of our ships.” 
John Cabot, Explorer 1497

As a vital necessity for seafaring nations, the humble codfish changed the world. It has played an instrumental role in Fogo Island’s economy and culture for centuries and continues to influence the Island’s traditions and way of life.

The For the Love of Cod Fishing itinerary includes an Island orientation with a Community Host, all meals in the Inn's award-winning dining room, a fishing expedition with a cod-jigging lesson and full use of the Inn's facilities.  A three-night minimum applies. Guests who wish to complement their fishing expedition with a traditional ocean-to-table outport boil-up, featuring the day’s catch, may reserve a Community Host for an additional cost.

For the Love of Cod Fishing runs Saturday to Monday during the Summer season (June 30 - Sep 3), and daily for the Fall season (September 22 - 30).

To reserve, call International Reservations at +1 709 658 3444, US & Canada Reservations at +1 855 268 9277 or email [email protected]

An Anonymous Rhyme:
The codfish lays a thousand eggs
The homely hen lays one
The codfish never cackles
To tell you what she’s done
And so we scorn the codfish
While the humble hen we prize
Which only goes to show you
That it pays to advertise



Arrive on Fogo Island and while en route to Fogo Island Inn take a 30-minute drive through scenic outport communities, built on Newfoundland fishery. Take time to make time for the natural beauty of North Atlantic landscapes and seascapes around every bend.

Check into Fogo Island Inn; a traditional yet contemporary masterpiece of modern architecture and design. The Inn has been recently recognized as Andrew Harper’s 2015 Hideaway of the Year. The Inn’s inviting staff will be delighted to escort you to your room where you will find sweeping views of sea and sky through your floor-to-ceiling windows.

Late Afternoon

Community Host island orientation by car and foot. Be prepared for fresh perspectives and insights; stories and laughter during your half-a-day outing with one of Fogo Island Inn’s community hosts. Allow yourself to be oriented to this “salty Narnia” by the people of the place - who have retained their intellectual heritage; whose sense of self comes from a deep historical sense of landscape and seascape; people who are profoundly at home on this “edge of the known”.

Your outing with a Community Host is tailored specifically to your interests and needs - expect to drive, walk, listen, share, laugh in experiencing the old and the new; the tangible and intangible heritage of the 400 year old culture that has emerged on this 400 year old island.

“The universe is made of stories not atoms”…Muriel Rukeyser, American Poet


Join us for dinner in the Dining Room. Enjoy a 3-course “Bounty of the Sea” supper featuring locally sourced produce, fish and game while waves crash on the undisturbed shoreline just beyond your table setting.

Late Evening

After supper check out the local scene on Fogo Island, enjoy some local music or unwind in the rooftop sauna for an infinite view of the star-filled night sky.



Greet the sun as she rises from the ocean and find a handmade wooden daybreak basket outside your suite door filled with coffee, tea and fresh pastries. Linger.

Breakfast at Fogo Island Inn

10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Depart on a true Fogo Island excursion with Captain Ane Emberley and crew from the comfort and safety of the M/V Ketanja. View Fogo Island Inn from the ocean before continuing to Little Fogo Islands to capture the beauty of the landscape, the puffins, murres, turrs and razorbills.

If the seas are favourable dock in Wadhams harbour and hike to the lookout. Visit St. Anne's Church, built in the early 1800's, and see the remains of the fishing stages and houses of Fogo Island’s ancestors. Listen to the crew tell stories & tales of the way of life here long forgotten.

On the way back, guests can enjoy an event that has shaped Newfoundland’s culture and society; catching a cod. Be a part of Newfoundland’s Recreational Cod Fishery event that thousands of Newfoundlanders participate in each year. Once guests have caught the quota for the day, they will watch as a skilled guide fillets the fish from the comfort of the boat.

Alternatively, try fishing from a traditional Newfoundland Skiff to experience cod fishing like it was done in the 19th century. This excursion will take place in sheltered waters and offers an intimate traditional seafaring experience for two guests and an experienced and knowledgeable seafaring Community Host.

Return to Fogo Island Inn for lunch.

Spend the afternoon making tracks on a self-guided tour of the Back Western Shore beyond the Inn. Forage for edible plants in the summer or pick wild berries in the fall while enjoying the sounds and smells of the sea. The natural treasures of Fogo Island are all just outside your guest suite.

When the adventure of choice is complete guests will return to their home base for a relaxing afternoon at the Inn

Late Afternoon

Even though it will be difficult to leave your suite’s sumptuous, soulful furnishings, do tear yourself away to join us in the lounge for a pre-dinner beverage.


Fogo Island Inn's culinary team will serve up a decadent menu featuring a special guest – the heart and soul of Newfoundland culinary tradition. Cod is the whitest of the white-fleshed fishes and virtually fat free – arguably the best fish in the world.

Late Evening

View a screening of “Cranky,” a documentary film produced by Christopher Richardson featuring the punts of Fogo Island and their legendary annual Punt Race to There



Greet the sun as she rises from the ocean and find a handmade wooden daybreak basket outside your suite door filled with coffee, tea and fresh pastries. Linger. Breakfast at Fogo Island Inn. 

Spend a few hours curled up in the cozy, intimate library absorbing yourself in an extensive collection of works pertaining to the history and culture of Newfoundland and Canada. Or perhaps relax in the rooftop sauna and hot tubs, soaking in views of the wild north Atlantic.


Lunch in the Dining Room - or or take a leisurely stroll to Nicole's Cafe, a local spot popular with the community.


Hike up Brimstone Head, considered to be one of the four corners of the flat earth. Your assent will unveil views of some of the most stunning vistas on Fogo Island, revealing the stark beauty and craggy outcroppings of our distinctive geology.


Dinner is served in the award-winning Dining Room.



Farewell Breakfast

Guests depart for ferry and official three days of programming ends.

To secure your booking, please call: 709-658-3444 or toll free in North America at +1 855-268-9277 or email [email protected]


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Available in two of our Seven Seasons