Magical Moving Ice

March 1 through to May 15, 2018

Arrive on Fogo Island from Gander and bear witness to the mesmerizing, crushing, unpredictable power of the Arctic pack ice as it arrives with the Labrador Current to gorge the bays and harbours of Fogo Island – tectonic activity – undulating, grinding, sparking; ice floes with violet blue shadows; carrying seals, forming rifters and ridges; at times packed together by wind and tide; at other times opening up leads, drifting apart, revealing the inky blue water beneath. The North Atlantic is transformed into a sea of floating sculptures.

Choose from three Magical Moving Ice overnight itineraries that mark Fogo Island’s Pack Ice Season. This itinerary includes all meals in the Inn's award-winning dining room, full use of the Inn's facilities and a half-day Community Host island orientation. A two-night minimum applies. To reserve, call International reservations at +1 709 658 3444, US & Canada reservations at +1 855 268 9277 or email [email protected]


A 2-Night Getaway

An island orientation with a Community Host.

An expedition by snowmobile (or snowshoe if you prefer) along the coast to view the pack ice and listen to it’s groaning. A stop in a cabin to warm up with a hot drink, listen to stories of ice and sealing, triumph and loss from a local host. Learn from those who experience it first-hand what it is to live in the Labrador Current.

All meals (daybreak, breakfast, dinner and supper) featuring the bounty of the Labrador Current in our award-winning dining room and full use of the Inn’s facilities.

Other activities to do on your own include: skating, coastal or inland snow-shoeing.

A 4-Night Escape

All of the 2-night journey inclusions plus:

  • A culinary art experience of your choosing. Possibilities include: cooking local, wine and food pairing, and cocktail making.

A 6-Night Journey

All of the 4-night journey inclusions plus:

  • A half-day orientation to architecture and design;
  • A curator-led visit at the Fogo Island Gallery.

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Available in two of our Seven Seasons