March Breakaway to Wild, Wild, Wonderful Winter

Fogo Island is surrounded by the North Atlantic. Sometimes by Ice. Sometimes by Icebergs. Yet it has a way of making you feel warm all over.

The March Breakaway to Wild, Wild, Wonderful Winter itinerary includes a variety of traditional Outport winter activities including snowshoeing, boil ups, snowmobiling, cabin visits, ice fishing, pond hockey and even skating on the North Atlantic when conditions are right. For the indoorsy crowd, the Inn has wood-burning stoves, fireplaces, a heritage library, rooftop saunas and hot tubs. And winter is the time for making: quilting, matting and knitting – it’s the perfect time to learn.

March Breakaway to Wild, Wild, Wonderful Winter rates include all meals, a Community Host Island Orientation and an outdoor winter excursion, and begin at $1,575 per night for two or $2,875 for a family of three to four. Solo travellers deduct $200.



Arrive on Fogo Island and let the Island start to reveal itself on the 30-minute drive through Outport communities as you make your way home to your winter refuge, Fogo Island Inn. Catch glimpses of the majestic pack ice of the Labrador Current around every bend.


Check into Fogo Island Inn, a traditional yet contemporary masterpiece of modern architecture and design. The Inn has been recently named to Condé Nast Traveller’s Gold Standard List 2015: the world’s best hotels from coast to country chosen by the editors of Condé Nast Traveller.

Our welcoming staff will escort you to your suite where you will take in breathtaking views of the wild and powerful Atlantic Ocean through your floor-to-ceiling windows.  Exhale, unwind and keep your eyes open for wildlife out on the pack ice. You have arrived at a place of emotional freedom and unmediated connection to the natural world.


Even though it will be difficult to leave your suite’s sumptuous and soulful furnishings, do try to tear yourself away to join us in the Lounge for cocktail hour. In the Lounge, cocktails are shaken or stirred over iceberg ice.

Afterwards, supper is served in Fogo Island Inn’s Dining Room, which was named among Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants, 2016. Enjoy the Inn’s innovative menu based on bounty of the Labrador Current featuring locally-sourced produce, fish and game. Dine at your leisure while the waves of the North Atlantic crash and the pack ice shifts just beyond your table setting.

Late Evening

In the Lounge, hear songs and stories of ice, sealers, tall tales, courage, victory and loss.


Wake Up

Greet the sun as she rises from the ocean and find a handmade wooden daybreak box outside your suite door filled with coffee, tea and fresh pastries. Linger.


Venture by snowmobile into the depths of the woods and spend a few hours surrounded by ice and snow with a Community Host at their warm cabin. Learn winter foraging techniques and hear about the history and culture of Fogo Island while building a fire. Dinner (lunch) is served as a traditional boil-up at the cabin.

After dinner, embark on a snowshoeing adventure and breathe in the marvelous beauty of Fogo Island’s winter season. Feel a hush over your soul as you tiptoe across hills, ponds and barrens.


Return to the shelter of Fogo Island Inn for your farewell supper followed by an evening cozied up to a wood-burning fire in the Lounge or in your suite. Alternatively, view a film in the Cinema or unwind in the roof top saunas and outdoor hot tubs under a star-filled sky on the edge of a moonlit North Atlantic Ocean.


Wake Up

Enjoy your Daybreak box in your suite.  Linger.


Those departing Fogo Island will have breakfast in the Dining Room and depart for the ferry. Those remaining on Fogo Island can fill the rest of their days with countless more excursions and activities including skating, cross-country skiing, ice fishing and caribou tracking.

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