Art Workshops with Bruce Pashak

Long summer days, warm sunshine, and an abundance of wildflowers brings an atmosphere of creativity to Fogo Island.

July 1 - August 31 / Summer

Fogo Island Inn welcomes multidisciplinary artist Bruce Pashak to lead art workshops for guests (by appointment). Bruce uses imagery, text, and technology to create abstract anti-narratives that both affirm and break free of culturally-encoded associations and limitations. His pieces are self-described playgrounds for the imagination, “riddles that you might try to puzzle out but never need to solve.”

Guests staying at Fogo Island Inn can experience first-hand the artistic benefits of being far away from far away on a remote island off an island in the North Atlantic. Study the various shapes, colours, tones, and textures of the intricate forms of local plants, lichens, and wild foods, tracing the intangible cultural history of this place.

A Summer Art Workshop with Bruce Pashak can be organized by the Front Desk. 

To book:
International Reservations: +1 709 658 3444 US & Canada Reservations: +1 855 268 9277 or email [email protected]