Architecture Tours

A place that is at once old and new.

“Together with Saunders’s architecture, they have produced beautiful objects that carry a heavy burden, navigating between the traditional rhythms of outport life and the hyper-connectedness of global tourism… Seen from certain angles and in certain weather, the inn appears to be a lumbering ship, only temporarily at rest while waiting out a storm. Above all, it is a work of strong architecture, carefully attuned to its mission yet autonomous in its presence in this strange and wondrous place. It is an act of human culture that helps us to try and situate our own existence within a sublime landscape that defies comprehension”

Domus Magazine, 2013

The earliest European structures on Fogo Island were built in the 1600s.

The globally-acclaimed contemporary architecture of Fogo Island Inn reflects the four-centuries-old vernacular structures and design aesthetics found on the Island. It is a place that is at once old and new.

Tour the artist studios designed by Todd Saunders, visits to the Fogo Island Workshops, and the national historic district of Tilting. The Island’s 10 distinctive outport communities offer an opportunity to understand the structures of the traditional fishery: stages, gear stores, fish flakes, and handmade wooden boats.


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