In Community | By Fogo Island Inn | May 9, 2017

Award-winning Documentary Screening at the Fogo Island Spring Festival

This month, Fogo Island welcomes the second annual Spring Festival, in support of The New Ocean Ethic (NOE), an organization that seeks new ways to care for the health of our oceans.

During the weekend of May 19 to 21, 2017, a range of engaging events will be presented at Tilting’s St. Patrick’s Parish Hall, the Town Hall in Joe Batt’s Arm, and Fogo Island Inn. The weekend line-up includes: concerts with local and visiting musicians, round table discussions, and a special fish supper held Saturday night at 5pm in the Town Hall. This year’s Spring Festival is sure to be a heart-felt testament to the people whose culture is inextricably linked to the sea.

On the closing day of the festival, a screening of the award-winning documentary Atlantic,concludes the weekend’s programming. Atlantic, follows the struggles of three different fishing communities, including one in Newfoundland, as they battle with oil explorers and international fishing companies. The film explores issues related to the health and sustainability of our oceans, concerns at the heart of the NOE.

Proceeds from the Spring Festival will support the many initiatives of The New Ocean Ethic. To secure your free tickets to Atlantic, please contact 709.658.3444 or [email protected]