A Fogo Island Fish Tale

Fogo Island Fish, the latest social enterprise undertaking of the Shorefast Foundation, is newly launched and its fish are already off Island and in the kitchens of some of Canada's top chefs.

In the autumn of 2015 the newly formed company, which specializes in Hand Line Cod and pays premium prices to fishers, had its first sale to Auberge du Pommier, and Corporate Executive chef Anthony Walsh has been putting it on O&B's menus ever since. Today, if you are craving a taste of the best sustainably-caught-cod, you can dine on it at BoehmerBymarkCanoeThe Chase Fish & OysterOpus, and Scaramouche, to name a few of the over 30 Toronto restaurants now serving Fogo Island Fish. When in Ottawa, you can enjoy Fogo Island Fish at BecktaPomeroy House and other fine restaurants.

To read more about Fogo Island Fishclick here for Laura Robin's story via Ottawa Citizen.

Fogo Island Fish
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