Dark Skies and the Inspiring Universe

“We will never have all the answers about the universe, but the quest to unravel its mysteries can be our greatest inspiration.” — Tom Vassos

Fogo Island Inn sits on a remote, flat rocky outcrop, far from being marred by any city’s blinding light pollution. Join cosmologist-in-residence Tom Vassos for a two-night weekend exploration of our solar system, the universe at large, and the dark skies over Fogo Island, Newfoundland. Guests will receive a dark sky primer on astronomical wonders from this island off an island in the wild North Atlantic, with featured seminars and receptions addressing the privatization of space, asteroid mining, space tourism and predictions for the future of space exploration. Take a fascinating tour of the Universe and learn about its birth, evolution and fate. Each day, reorient yourself to the natural world and this distinct place through outdoor excursions and telescopic viewings. Both an accomplished astronomer and author, Tom Vassos will answer our guests’ burning questions, from theories about the size and birth of the universe, to the formation of our Solar System, to what star dust is truly made of.

The Dark Skies and the Inspiring Universe two-night itinerary at Fogo Island Inn includes all meals, an Island Orientation with a Community Host, and a range of outdoor activities, stargazing excursions, and presentations. To reserve, call International Reservations at +1 709 658 3444, or US & Canada Reservations at +1 855 268 9277, or email [email protected].


Image: Michael Hayter

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