In Adventure | By Fogo Island Inn | March 14, 2017

Building a Quinzhee With Adventurer and Explorer Dr. Ta Loeffler

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of spending the weekend with Dr. TA Loeffler, Professor of Outdoor Recreation at Memorial University of Newfoundland, on an Extreme Fogo Island adventure. TA lead the charge over three days of outdoor exploration and learning, including the art of quinzhee-building.

We learned that a quinzhee (or quinzee) is a structure made by gathering together a large mound of snow and hollowing it out to create shelter. While a quinzhee is similar in concept to an igloo, it is differentiated by its construction and use. An igloo is made by assembling a series of blocks cut from hard snow, but a quinzhee can be made with snow of varying quality, which makes it ideal for winter camping and survival purposes.

The exercise was both practical and fun, and brought together our friends from near and far. After an afternoon’s work, we were grateful for a moment to relax in the surprising warmth, and remarkable quiet that our quinzhee provided- sheltered from the wind, while we recounted the adventures we enjoyed with TA Loeffler that day.