In Community | By Fogo Island Inn | July 19, 2017

Cool It — On Fogo Island

As late-August turns to September, those looking to beat the heat make their way to Fogo Island. The North Atlantic’s salt air takes the edge off of summer’s swelter, and the blue-green of the ocean surface is the very embodiment of chill for harried city-dwellers seeking a cool getaway full of warm Newfoundland hospitality. Fogo Island is the place for calm, cool and collected breezes, where one can readily cultivate that cool state of mind. On the cusp of Fogo Island’s Summer and Berry Seasons, the best of summer still lingers, with handcrafted punts still out on bluer-than-blue water, and plentiful opportunities to pluck ripening berries amongst wildflower-blanketed barrens and hills.  Hike, walk, bike, stargaze, or just sit calm, cool, and collected on a rock by the sea; breathe air as pure as any you’ll find on earth and just cool it - on Fogo Island.

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