Be Still, Be Well: A new kind of wellness retreat

November 4-8, 2021

When was the last time you listened? To the wind, to the rain, to your body, to your breath? Carefully tucked away from the storms of modernity and protectively moated by the North Atlantic, Fogo Island is an ideal place to stop, be still, and listen.

Lulled by the hypnotic soundtrack of crashing ocean waves and enchanted by the inherently artistic landscape, find stability between sea and sky as you embark on a guided program of mindfulness, vinyasa flow, and restorative yoga led by certified instructor Jennifer Charles of Wild Cove Wellness. With a flexible itinerary that invites plenty of opportunities for movement, stillness, and reflection, your time here will challenge, ground, and restore you. Using the spaces within the Inn as well as breathtaking surprise offsite settings, you’ll find centering calm alongside the delightful disorientation of Fogo Island’s still-wild world and the steady resonance of wind and waves.

Follow the guided itinerary or stay flexible; whichever path you choose on any given day will allow options for both outdoor adventure amidst Fogo Island’s near-North landscape as well as cozy escape while ensconced within the Inn’s meditative walls.

Complemented by a clean, plant-focused menu of locally-sourced ingredients that inspire captivating culinary creations by our kitchen team, your stay also includes access to the Inn’s host of amenities which include the cinema, library, and saunas. Inventive cocktails as well as zero proof tonics are always on offer in the bar & lounge, and Community Hosts will be standing by to orient you to this wild, wonderful place.

Be still, be open, and be well as you listen for the affirmations to be found as fall rolls over to winter at Fogo Island Inn.

About your guide

Jennifer Charles is a certified yoga instructor specializing in vinyasa flow and restorative styles. She is the owner-founder of Wild Cove Wellness, a Fogo Island-based business that aims to enhance the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of residents and visitors of all ages and stages of their wellness paths. As a year-round resident of Fogo Island, Jennifer has extensive knowledge of the Island’s landscape and trails; she is poised to provide guidance, immersion, and orientation both on the yoga mat and out amongst Fogo Island’s still-wild world.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga awakens the body and quiets the mind with full-body feel-good flow. Explore the balance between effort and ease, softness and strength, as you glide through postures, breath, and intention. Some yoga experience recommended. Restorative Yoga invites practitioners to close their eyes and relax into a series of still, long-held poses. Reclining on comfy props, cradling the head, and supporting the limbs in whatever shape or position they crave brings total relaxation and release.


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