Escape to Iceberg Alley

The icebergs are coming. Every year, monoliths of ancient ice make their way down the Labrador Current to the shores of Fogo Island. Circumnavigate an iceberg an hour offshore or observe them out of the floor-to-ceiling windows of your room from the warmth and comfort of your bed. Located along “Iceberg Alley,” Fogo Island Inn is perfectly situated for taking in the ever-changing hues that highlight these behemoths of ancient ice. Whether you are out hunting for ‘bergie bits aboard a seafaring vessel, scouting the waves for icebergs, migrating whales, and seabirds, or merely wondering in awe at the power and expanse of the wild North Atlantic, you will undoubtedly feel the remarkable might of these glacial giants.

Iceberg hunters wishing to track the movements of these migrating monoliths may visit: for live iceberg updates.


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