Preserving Traditions: St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

This St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Fogo Island Inn welcomes back internationally-acclaimed guest Chef Hugh Acheson to our North Atlantic shores. Hailing from Athens, Georgia, the two-time James Beard Award-winning chef, cookbook author, and Top Chef judge joins the Inn’s Executive Chef Jonathan Gushue in an elemental exploration of North Atlantic and Southern, USA cuisine. Fogo Island’s time-honoured North Atlantic bottling techniques and Atlanta’s contemporary Southern preservation practices will be explored through a welcome reception, a salt cod workshop with community cooks, and a preservation demo by Chef Hugh Acheson.

The three-night stay will also include visits to the neighbouring community of Tilting, settled by the Irish in the mid-18th century. To this day, Tilting is a place where Irish culture and an Irish-inflected dialect flourish on this side of the Atlantic. Guests will have the opportunity to observe the Irish-influenced architecture of the island, and may even chance upon a traditional Irish supper being served. In the days before roads and cars on Fogo Island, individuals from other communities would walk the 10-20 km to share in the community’s Irish celebrations. On the night of St. Patrick’s Day, the St. Patrick’s Parish Hall will be open to the Island’s community and all guests for lively folk tunes and musical entertainment. The luck of the Irish shall be smiling upon all.

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