In Community | By Valerie Howes | September 23, 2021

Fishing Experiences for All Seasons

On Fogo Island we are fishing people—our ancestors from England, Ireland, and Scotland settled here for the inshore cod fishery 400 years ago. Fishing techniques and intimate knowledge of the ocean, rocks, and elements have been passed from generation to generation. If you'd like to try your hand at fishing during your stay, there are various options available at different times of year. And if you'd like our kitchen team to cook up your catch at the end of the day, just ask our Community Hosting Coordinator set this up for you.

What: Ice Fishing
When: February and March 
What to expect: You can fish with a hook and line, through a hole bored into the thick ice surface of a frozen pond, with a helping hand from a Community Host. This activity is combined with visiting the family cabin of a Fogo Islander by snowshoes, walking, cross-country skis or snowmobile. Read more...

What: Pond fishing
When: May – September, (exact dates each year depend on government regulations)
What to expect: We will set you up with bait, gear, the required permit and the assistance of a Community Host, for a tranquil day of pond fishing for trout. Read more...

What: Cod fishing
When: On weekends between early July and early September (exact dates each year depend on government regulations)
What to expect: Go out in a small boat with a Community Host, who'll give you a 'cod jigging' lesson, so you can try your luck catching an iconic codfish. You have the option to add on a traditional outport boil-up to the experience. Read more...

Before your arrival, ask our Reservations team about booking and any additional costs: [email protected]. During your stay, you can book these activities with our Community Host Coordinator.