A library of all things Newfoundland.

Located on the second floor of the Inn, the Library features an extensive collection of fiction and non-fiction works pertaining to the history and culture of Newfoundland and Canada and is available for use by Inn guests as well as the general public of Fogo Island. Many of the books in the Library originated from the private collection of the late Dr. Leslie Harris, former president of Memorial University of Newfoundland. Dr. Harris possessed a superb personal collection of Newfoundlandia, including a wonderful range of materials pertaining to rural Newfoundland life, the fisheries, wildlife, and the sea.

The Inn’s collection was further expanded when Harry and Doreen Cuff added to the Library by donating a copy of every book they published in their long history of publishing Newfoundland books through Harry Cuff Publications Limited. The resulting Library is a rich and meaningful assemblage of works that can help orient guests to all that Fogo Island and Newfoundland have to offer.

The Library is cozy, comfortable, and contains one of the Inn’s six public wood-burning fireplaces. It is quiet and intimate, but also close enough to the Cinema to feel both hidden away and involved in the action of the Inn. There are always people coming and going in and around the Library, and this movement serves as a reminder that the Library is a public space that facilitates meaningful exchanges and relationships between local people and visitors.