A Winter Adventure on Fogo Island

A limited engagement weekend of extraordinary Fogo Island outdoor winter adventures with one of Canada’s world’s leading explorers and adventurers: Dr. TA Loeffler

Fogo Island’s still-wild wilderness is an untamed paradise for adventurers. Carved by the hands of time and ideal for crawling, climbing, jumping, hiking, and running among its frozen surfaces, the Island offers both tempestuous realness and absolute stillness that can only be found on the very edge of the North American continent. Lauded explorer Dr. TA Loeffler will lead your discovery of this singular place by sharing survival knowledge and insights into Newfoundland’s natural wonders. Follow along in her snow tracks as she orients you to Newfoundland & Labrador’s active winter wildlife, adventure activities including snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and ice fishing, and imparts guidance around winter survival and shelter-building. All of this surrounded by the backdrop of Fogo Island’s magical, moving Pack Ice Season: a time when the Island finds itself surrounded by multi-year pans of ice brought to our shores by the powerful Labrador Current.

Dr. TA Loeffler has 30 years of experience leading life-changing excursions. Her travels have taken her to 51 countries and all seven continents. Impressively, TA has completed six of the Seven Summits—the highest peaks on all seven continents. Canadian Geographic has named Dr. TA Loeffler one of “Canada’s Greatest Explorers.”

The full board, three-night itinerary for a Winter Adventure on Fogo Island stay includes: all meals, an Island Orientation with a Community Host, and a range of Winter outdoor activities and excursions led by Dr. TA Loeffler. Family suites are available.

To secure your stay, call International Reservations at +1 709 658 3444, US & Canada Reservations at +1 855 268 9277 or email [email protected]