Magical Moving Ice

Watch magical, sparkling pack ice move and breathe with the current.

Bear witness to the mesmerizing, crushing, unpredictable power of the Arctic pack ice as it arrives with the Labrador Current to gorge the bays and harbours of Fogo Island—undulating, grinding, sparkling. Ice floes with violet blue shadows form rifts and ridges, at times packed together by wind and tide, at others opening up and drifting apart to reveal the inky blue water beneath. The North Atlantic is transformed into a sea of floating sculptures. The northeast coast of Newfoundland is one of the only places in the world that people live in moving ice. You will come to know it as Fogo Islanders know it; to see as they see; to love it for the fullness and subtlety of the arresting light over the ice floes and the feeling that the world around you is changing into something new. It is a season not only of pack ice, but of ice fishing, of caribou on the move in large herds, of whisking over frozen barrens and bogs on snowmobiles and snowshoes, and of course, cozying up by a woodstove after a day full of outdoor adventuring.

The Magical Moving Ice itinerary at Fogo Island Inn includes all meals, an Island Orientation with a Community Host, and a range of outdoor activities and excursions. A two-night minimum stay is required. 


To book:
International Reservations: +1 709 658 3444 US & Canada Reservations: +1 855 268 9277 or email [email protected]