Time to Make Time

It’s a place to celebrate, to be happy; to be quiet, and to contemplate. Here, you can look out and look inward as you take the time to give you back to yourself. A shelter from the storms of modernity, Fogo Island and the Inn are protectively moated by the North Atlantic yet furnished with all the creature comforts necessary for real respite. Travel solo, as a couple, or as a group, and give yourself the long-awaited permission to simply be.

Stargaze from a rooftop hot tub after an affirming sojourn in the sauna. Draw a bath, grab a book, and sip a glass of wine to close a day spent hiking, foraging, and taking in coastal views. Cultivate new perspectives by visiting the Fogo Island Gallery, viewing a film in the cinema, and availing yourself of the library’s extensive resources about the local region. Dine solo or at a communal table with other guests who, like yourself, are enthused by the Kitchen’s creative takes on local ingredients and contemporary expressions of traditional fare. On days textured by the whims of the weather, storm-watch from beside the woodstove, or bundle up and venture out to take in the gentle ferocity of dancing winds and driving snow.

Emerging from and existing within a living, breathing community, the Inn offers opportunities for uncontrived connection with a centuries-old culture shaped by the immediacy of the sea, and people whose lives have been lived in close concert with the natural world.

Colder seasons invite inland cabin visits via snowmobile, accompanied by Community Hosts with intimate knowledge of every tree, pond, and snow-covered hill. Feel and hear the satisfying squish of snow under snowshoe as you traipse across terrain normally only visited by caribou and foxes. Learn about traditional food preservation techniques and quilt-making from those with knowledge engrained throughout generations and honed to place-specific perfection.

It’s time to make time for you this winter on Fogo Island.  

Image credit: Hé Photographes

All Seasons
A two-night minimum applies
(three-night minimum in June, July, August & September)