• Fogo Island plays host to countless species that swim our ocean waters and wander our barrens.

    Fogo Island’s temperate maritime climate is home to countless species of flora and fauna that have made their home in our rugged and bountiful terrain. Birds circle the skies: puffins, razorbills, bull birds, snowbirds, evening grosbeaks, king eiders, harlequin ducks, white winged scoters, and gannets just to name a few. Those who venture to Little Fogo Islands will see hundreds of puffins nesting in the hills and bobbing in the water off of this tiny archipelago. Caribou were placed on the Island in the mid-twentieth century and continue to roam and thrive. You’ll spot them all over the Island munching on caribou moss and causing the closest thing Fogo Island has to a “traffic jam” when crossing the road. The Island also features the regular Canadian menagerie, including wily foxes and bustling beavers.

    Pods of whales visit us in the summer, their breaching backs and tails easily spotted from the windows of the Inn. Our waters are also teeming with fish, including the humble codfish on which Fogo Islanders have based their economy and culture for centuries. The Island’s ponds are filled with trout, offering the opportunity to try your hand at ice fishing during the winter and traditional pond fishing in the summer months.