In Adventure | By Fogo Island Inn | January 5, 2018

Today is National Bird Day

The Avian Welfare Coalition has designated January 5th as National Bird Day, raising awareness about birds in captivity and encouraging conservation efforts. Fogo Island’s temperate maritime climate is home to countless species of flora and fauna that have made their home in our rugged and bountiful terrain. Countless bird species circle our skies: razorbills, bull birds, snowbirds, evening grosbeaks, king eiders, harlequin ducks, white winged scoters, and gannets just to name a few. Those who venture to Little Fogo Islands will see hundreds of puffins nesting in the hills and bobbing in the water off of this tiny archipelago—it hosts one of the largest populations of puffins in the world. Every February, Fogo Island Inn has invited noted ornithologist Dr. Bill Montevecchi to lead birding enthusiasts in the pursuit of Newfoundland birds, encouraging guests to keep their eyes peeled for sightings of all manner of migratory seabirds that spend their winter in the vicinity of Fogo Island.

The Love (the) Birds itinerary can be explored further here: