In News | By Valerie Howes | July 7, 2021

Unforgettable Family Gatherings At Fogo Island Inn

Never in recent history have we longed to hug our grandparents or our nieces and nephews more!  As COVID-19 restrictions relax, planning family reunions has become a priority for many people. Finding a destination where loved ones of all ages can make special memories together in a safe setting is key. Here's why Fogo Island Inn is the ideal place for your next family gathering.

You can have the whole place to yourself.
With 29 rooms, our property lends itself well to private stays. You can relax with your loved ones for an intimate gathering tailored specifically to your family's needs. (We have select dates still available in 2021 and 2022.) We suggest a stay of at least four days, so everyone can settle in and get into the rhythms of Fogo Island and family life together.

We are open all seven seasons of the year.
On Fogo Island, we have seven distinct seasons. Each lends itself to an array of indoor and outdoor activities. Families visiting in Berry season (September 1 to October 31) may pick partridgeberries together and try jam making. Visitors can also try making and flying kites together, or biking or walking on our trails and spotting seabirds and caribou. Late Fall (November 1 - 30)  is a time for bonfires, hikes and creative indoors activities such as pottery or woodwork. Those who visit in Winter (December 1-February 28) can revel in everything from a traditional boil-up at a Community Host's cabin to pond hockey to sharing family stories by the fire.

You can travel together with a private charter. 
Wish to travel together in a private plane? We can assist with private air charters to Gander or direct to Fogo Island.  The island has a landing strip, so direct travel saves time and can be remarkably cost-effective for groups. It makes the journey smoother and faster, so you can maximize your time together. 

Fogo Island is safe.
Not only can families relax and feel safe within our community, Fogo Island offers wide open spaces and fresh sea air. There have been no cases of COVID-19 recorded here throughout the pandemic. 

We'd be happy to assist with everything from itinerary planning to travel logistics for your family reunion. Please contact us at:  [email protected]