In Culinary | By Fogo Island Inn | January 5, 2017

49° 54°

Summer of 2016 saw our friends at Beau’s All Natural on Fogo Island for a week of wild foraging and outport immersion. Travelling from the Nation’s Capital to our small corner of the Earth, the team found themselves brainstorming recipe ideas with chefs from Fogo Island Inn, and learning about what locally foraged ingredients would be suited to brewing. In response to their visit, Beau’s has launched the first in a year-long series of limited-edition beers, 49° 54°, named after Fogo Island’s coordinates. The distinct myrrh-smoked gose derives its place-specific essence from hand-picked partridgeberries, sea salt harvested by chefs at Fogo Island Inn, along with bark from Fogo Island paper birch trees,

The limited edition 49° 54° pours a hazy orange. Aromas are earthy and woody; flavours are of smoky incense and brine, mildly tart berry, and evergreen sap. Best of all, 49° 54° is pleasing not just to your palate, but also to your conscience, as a portion of the sales benefit the Shorefast Foundation, and in turn, Fogo Island’s resilient and vibrant community.