Fogo Island Fish

We work directly with fishers on Fogo Island, off the coast of Newfoundland, to procure the very best wild-caught Atlantic seafood products for your table.

The fast-moving and chilly waters of the Labrador Current around our shores are the perfect environment for fish and shellfish, resulting in some of the sweetest tasting seafood on Earth.

Founded by Fogo Islander Anthony Cobb and his wife, Janice Thomson, Fogo Island Fish is, like Fogo Island Inn, a Shorefast community enterprise. Fogo Island Fish brings prime North Atlantic seafood from our shores to fine-dining restaurants in Ontario and Alberta.

Buying Canadian seafood in Canada lightens the carbon footprint of the fish on your plate. Currently most domestic seafood is exported, but it is the Fogo Island Fish mission to ensure the best of our North Atlantic bounty can be enjoyed by Canadians.

Fogo Island Fish cod fishers use the traditional hand-lining method and receive higher compensation for their catch. Our local economy also benefits from this community enterprise, as its cod and other seafood offerings are packaged and prepared by the Fogo Island Co-operative Society located in Fogo, Little Seldom and Joe Batt's Arm.

All surpluses from sales are returned to the community through Shorefast charitable initiatives that revitalize the culture and heritage of Fogo Island and help protect our oceans and nature.

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