Things To Do

Fogo Island has seven singular seasons. Each provides a different perspective for getting to know Fogo Island, and perhaps yourself.

Fogo Island is small enough to get to know, yet big enough to offer lots to do throughout its seven singular seasons. With dozens of guaranteed breathtaking hikes right at your doorstep, the Island’s “near North” landscape beckons exploration. In a place build up over centuries of lives lived at the edge of the Atlantic, Fogo Islanders have composed our own stories and songs, and we’ve employed both practicality and whimsy when dreaming up all manners of solutions for outport life. Whether you’ve come to learn about our subarctic landscape, foodways, furniture making, music, or vernacular architecture- there are no secrets here. Prepare to uncover the history, culture, and natural wonders of a place you can’t believe, but always hoped existed.