The Shed

The Shed is located a short walk from Fogo Island Inn, perched on the rocks of the foreshore, and offers a more casual dining experience for guests. During most seasons, guests can gather around a shared table, feasting on a seafood boil-up that begins with in-the-shell mussels and continues with a selection of salads, decadent cod au gratin, and wild snow crab.

Stepping into The Shed, guests will find a blend of contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship that reflects the essence of Fogo Island’s culture. Sheds play an essential role in outport Newfoundland, acting as a space for work, storage, and perhaps more importantly, for informal gatherings and lively conversations. This shed culture was the inspiration for architect Todd Saunders when he was tasked with designing Fogo Island Inn’s Shed.

The structure uses twisted geometry, similar to that of the Fogo Island Arts’ studios, to create visual drama. The interior is lit by kerosene lamps, a practice strongly reminiscent of the cabins that Fogo Islanders frequent in the winter. “It has a strong atmosphere, like the cabin I grew up in as a kid,” Todd Saunders explained. “We had kerosene lamps and when it got dark outside, you went over to candlelight. It slowed things down.”

The interior features expansive windows that bring the landscape inside, while the handcrafted furniture adds to the rustic charm. The long, communal table invites guests to savour the view and the ambiance, creating a space that embodies the spirit of community and the transformative power of thoughtful design.