A comprehensive look at everything to do on Fogo Island in each of our seven distinct seasons: warm Summers (July 1-August 31), snowy Winters (December 1-February 28), a spectacular Pack Ice Season (March 1-31), hopeful Spring (April 1-May 31), June's Trap Berth Season (June 1-30), bountiful wild berry picking in autumn's Berry Season (September 1-October 31), and a temperamental Late Fall (November 1-30). All provide different perspectives for getting to know Fogo Island, and perhaps yourself. If any of these experiences or excursions pique your interest, please let our Reservations Team know in advance of your stay.

No need to let these seemingly boundless choices overwhelm you—we are at the ready to supply recommendations and customize your stay. Stays at Fogo Island Inn are inclusive of most land-based experiences guided by our Community Hosts.