Wildlife Watching

There may be no better way to explore this island than with a local naturalist

Fogo Island offers flora and fauna encounters made for curious and discerning explorers who wish to fully immerse themselves in nature. Guests at the Inn can experience the island's flora and fauna through a range of outdoor hikes, foraging excursions, and adventurous exploration, and can also arrange for an excursion with a local naturalist and guide.

From March to April, when the ice is in, guests are entertained by seals scooching and sliding around, creatures that were vital to the survival of Fogo Islanders. Caribou can be spotted year round, but are most commonly seen in fall and winter snacking along roadsides and in open fields. During the warmer months, they typically hide inland. Caribou are an iconic migratory species, but, on Fogo Island, the caribou are sedentary and do not make seasonal movements. You can learn about Fogo Island's herd here. Between June and October, guests are left feeling positively giddy after glimpsing majestic whales play in the water, and from April to November, the island is a bird watchers paradise.

Visitors to Fogo Island can encounter wildlife on their own, or with local guides who are avid outdoors enthusiast and experts on Fogo Island's flowers, wildlife paths, and nesting grounds.