Your Hosts

Fogo Islanders have a way of putting you instantly at ease.

Making you feel at home here is a natural talent honed over hundreds of years of outport life. Hospitality is a point of pride on Fogo Island: we mean it when we say that this is your home away from home. At its core, hospitality means the love of the stranger. It is a regime of small kindnesses. Our innkeepers will help you feel at ease: completely comfortable and cared for. But most of all, they will make you feel loved. 

  • Innkeeper


  • Managing Director

    Amanda Decker-Penton

  • Executive Chef

    Timothy Charles

  • Director, Guest Experiences

    Sandra Cull

  • Community Host Coordinator

    Sonja Foley

  • Lead Outdoor Activity Guide

    Lorie Penton

  • Director, Maintenance & Housekeeping

    Cynthia Gill

  • Housekeeping Coordinator

    Esther Freake

  • Director, Guest Services

    Gail Dwyer

  • Manager, Food & Beverage

    Nicole Torraville

  • Manager, Food & Beverage

    Alissa Maloney

  • Sommelier & Beverage Manager

    Scott Cowan

  • Director, Sales & Partnerships

    Alexandra Taylor

  • Senior Manager, Groups & Private Stays

    Natalie Whalen

  • Assistant Manager, Groups & Special Events

    Jessica Steers

  • Manager, Reservations

    Ryan Vaters

  • Reservations Coordinator

    Courtney Coffin

  • Reservation Specialist

    Keiona Brown

  • Lovable Nuisance