Picking Wild Berries

Roam the hills, bogs, and marshes with a local guide to pick a bucket full of berries.

Late July - October

At least 20 different varieties of sweet and succulent edible berries grace our island. Take a break from picking and enjoy an optional traditional berry picking boil-up.

Rare lichens, herds of caribou, and skittish partridges are just some of what you can expect to find while foraging for berries - all while the waves of the North Atlantic hug the nearby shoreline. Look out for partridgeberries, marshberries, crowberries, whorts, bakeapples, and blueberries as you gather wood for a traditional Fogo Island boil up meal. The berry season tradition of an outdoor fire, roasted salt fish, berry tarts, and strong tea is the simplest yet most satisfying of feasts.