• Fogo Island Inn innovates with local produce and uses the bounty of the North Atlantic to express the richness of the Island’s locality.

    Food is a critical part of the language and expression of a particular community and has a way of capturing the culture and a sense of place in one single, delicious gesture. As contemporary interpreters of Fogo Island’s history and culture, we seek to express the bounty of this Island in the deepest and broadest way possible. Chef Jonathan Gushue and his kitchen team constantly seek to innovate with the Island’s local produce and the abundance of fresh seafood pulled from the nearby North Atlantic.

    The Island’s subarctic landscape and maritime climate offer their shares of both challenges and blessings when it comes to food. The Island’s soil is not plentiful but it is rich in nutrients and ideal for growing many staples such as potatoes, turnips, and onions. The culinary team pays homage to traditional storage and preservation techniques by employing the use of root cellars to preserve fresh and pickled foods and by incorporating traditional salt cod into their inventive recipes. The Inn’s food showcases the richness of the Island’s locality by making use of foods native to the Island as well as engaging the best additions from our traditional trading partners. At the same time as the Inn’s food incorporates the Island’s plentiful edible offerings, we also import ingredients such as chocolate, vanilla, molasses, and, of course, fine wines from Canada, USA, and our historical trading partners: France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

    Fogo Islanders have historically hunted, grown, foraged, and caught their food both out of necessity and for pleasure. We carry on these traditions by foraging for berries, supporting community growers and fishers, and exploring the barrens surrounding the Inn in search of the perfect garnish for our culinary creations. Savoring Fogo Island Inn’s food is a cultural experience combining the best of Fogo Island’s customary foodways with the exciting forward-thinking of contemporary cuisine.