Spring Thaw – Awakening Your Creativity

May 2-6, 2024

As the days become brighter and longer, spend time in the natural world to clear your mind and refresh for the season to come.

Begin each day with a meditation and yoga session overlooking the wild North Atlantic ocean. Tap into your creativity by joining a workshop with a local artist or bring out your adventurous side by exploring our inland nooks via fat bike with a member of our Outdoor Adventure Team.

As hidden gems are exposed by the spring thaw, join an in-depth and intensive foraging excursion. Keep your foraged treasures close at hand, as later in the day, we'll host a tea-making workshop, where you taste your creations. 

Bring your camera along for a guided photography excursion, where we will help you find new perspectives and later in the evening, our sommelier will share the rich history and diverse terroirs that define champagne, setting the stage for a memorable tasting.

Can’t join us on these specific dates?
Speak with our team to experience this retreat on the dates of your choosing.

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