In Art & Design | By Fogo Island Inn | June 27, 2018

Still-Wild Summer

Summer on Fogo Island is more than just a season—it’s a feeling. It encompasses the place-specific cacophony of sights, sounds, textures, and touches that bring us back not only to what is truly real and natural, but also back to ourselves. Sure, some summer days on Fogo Island feel much like they might elsewhere: warm winds, soft grasses, and shining sun are all telltale markers of the carefree paradise found in those few, short, middle-of-the-year months. But most days during Fogo Island's softer seasons offer so much more.

Fogo Island summers find kids being kids: clambering over bajillion-year-old volcanic rocks, abandoning bicycles on the shoreline to wade into the shallows seeking washed-ashore treasures, or camping out on the steps of Growlers ice cream to devour their second cone of the day. Families hike and picnic along the coast, shouting back to one another as seabirds, whales, and icebergs are spotted out at sea. Boats scoot in and out of the harbours, some carrying those returning from a jaunt to historic Little Fogo Islands, where abandoned fishing stages, family cabins, and a church consecrated the same year as Canadian confederation still stand.

Summer on Fogo Island is inextricably tangled up with fish. Trouters stand sentry over their favourite ponds rich with small fish, soaking in the sunrays and quiet conversation with their comrades-in-reels. And of course, the weekend food fishery finds boats out on the waves fishing one-by-one for the noble cod, a staple of Fogo Island's history and culture. Guests spend their days learning age-old fishing traditions from those who know the waters best, and their nights enjoying cod caught in that very same way in the Inn’s Dining Room.

Moderate temperatures and sea breezes create the ideal atmosphere for just about any activity, from geologist-led hikes, to art workshops led by local makers, and culinary forays in the Inn's pastry kitchen. Whether you visit for family togetherness, hiking adventures, fishing expeditions, or just a spell of relaxation, one thing’s for sure: you’ll only work up a sweat if you choose to do so.

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