In Nature | By Jill Brown | January 16, 2024

5 Reasons to Experience Pack Ice Season

Our team is seasoned observers of the island’s seasonal shifts, so who better to share their insights on why this time of year is a must-visit. From mesmerizing sunsets and moments of reflections to the thrill of ice encounters and the warmth of community, we share a few of the reasons that make Pack Ice season an otherworldly experience.

1. It’s the ideal time for reflection.

“Pack Ice Season is the perfect opportunity to step back and just take time to observe the world around me – watching ice swirl in the harbour while out on a walk with my dog and just getting lost in the moment.” –Sophie Hall, Sous Chef

As our Sous Chef, Sophie, attests, Pack Ice Season is a magical time of year – thick ice floes make their way from the Arctic, propelled by the Labrador Current, and settle in our harbours. As it moves and breathes with the current, the pack ice creaks, groans, sparkles, and shimmers in the sunlight. In the moments when the ice settles, the world seems to pause, allowing you to contemplate the beauty and resilience of nature. The frozen expanses create a serene backdrop for introspection, fostering a sense of inner calm and stillness.

2. There are many opportunities to reconnect with the natural world.

“I love ice fishing and find it therapeutic and calming, but I’m married to an impatient ice fisher. If they’re not jumping out of the hole after two minutes, he’s moving on! I always enjoy taking a moment to stop on a frozen pond while snowmobiling at night and look up – taking in the majesty of the March moon and a glistening sky, it gives me such happiness, pure joy, and gratefulness to live in this wonderful place.” –Sandra Cull, Director of Guest Experiences

Those who enjoy spending time in nature can take advantage of longer, sunnier days to explore what our island has to offer during March. Spend an afternoon tracking caribou with our Outdoor Adventure team or hop on a snowmobile to explore the island’s interior with a Community Host, visiting local cabins and of course, stopping for a traditional boil-up lunch along the way.

3. The end-of-winter soundscapes are a transformative experience.

“The natural drama of this season encourages reflection and provides a reminder of your place in this big world. And the sounds of the pack ice are amazing - groaning and creaking as it ebbs and flows – it is so peaceful and mesmerizing.” –Lydia Thompson, INNsider Program

The pack ice serenades us with its symphony of groans and creaks, creating a sensory experience. Combined with the stark and pristine landscape, this time of year offers a gentle reminder of our place in the vastness of nature.

4. The sunsets are a must-see.

“After experiencing a year on the island, my preference is watching the 4PM sunsets from the dining room or outside in the crisp air during Pack Ice. As the cold air arrives, my anticipation begins to build for the return of the ice next year. I cannot wait to see what our guests and Mother Nature have in store for us in 2024!” –Stephanie Mauger, Server Supervisor

Our Dining Room, with its panoramic views, becomes a front-row seat for pack ice sunsets. As the sky transforms, showing off vibrant colours, the sunset casts a mesmerizing glow over the icy landscape. The tranquil moment when daylight yields to the night evokes a sense of awe and introspection, inviting reflection on the day’s excursions and experiences.

5. It offers the best of Canadian winters.

“Spending time on Fogo Island in March is nothing short of magical. It’s a time of year that brings out the absolute best of Canadian winters – sunny days spent snowmobiling and visiting cabins, plentiful snow for snowshoeing and tracking caribou, breath-taking frozen ponds and harbours to skate on… and my favourite part? After a full day spent enjoying the outdoors, curling up near one of the Inn’s many wood-fired stoves, enjoying a hand-crafted aperitif, and reflecting on the wonder all around me.” - Alexandra Taylor, Director of Sales

Embrace March and its untouched natural beauty. Gather with friends and family during this spectacular season during our March Break Wilderness Retreat. Take a well-deserved break and escape to our still-wild natural world to experience the hope of spring alongside the best of winter.

We understand not everyone enjoys ambling over snow-covered hills and trails. Our ample amenities offer plenty of opportunities to relax and unwind within the comfort of our Inn. The rooftop deck features wood-fired saunas and two outdoor hot tubs, affording privacy and stunning views of the expansive North Atlantic Ocean and an uninterrupted skyscape. Curl up in our Heritage Library, featuring books on all things Newfoundland, or arrange for a private viewing in our Cinema, where our collection ranges from classic NFB documentaries and films about Fogo Island to contemporary blockbusters and cult classics.

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