In News | By Jill Brown | April 15, 2021

5 Reasons to Visit Fogo Island Inn

Fogo Island Inn is a pioneer in the regenerative tourism space. We’re delighted that so many people continue to take the opportunity to commit to making sustainably minded and community-supporting travel decisions. 

Here are 5 reasons to visit Fogo Island Inn, a property and a destination that truly align with your values: 

 1. Your visit, your way

We can help customize your stay to fit your interests, pace, and needs. Before you visit, we’ll ask about milestones you may be celebrating and aspects of the Inn and Fogo Island you’re curious to explore. During your stay, our incredible Community Hosting team will be available every day to advise you on activities and guided excursions suited to your schedule and preferences. 

2. Real remoteness at the edge of the world

We affectionately refer to Fogo Island as “far away from far away.” With hundreds of kilometres of coastal and inland trails to trek and wide-open spaces galore, Fogo Island offers a sense of belonging within a real, in-tact community while also leaving you plenty of room to explore, breathe, and simply be. 

3. It matters who owns what

Fogo Island Inn offers a tourism experience that aligns with community-centric values. The Inn was founded and remains entirely owned by a charity called Shorefast with the mission of securing a resilient cultural and economic future for the local community. 100% of the Inn’s operating surpluses are returned to Shorefast for reinvestment in further community economic development work, and there is no private gain.  

4. Culinary experiences

Dining at Fogo Island Inn is an expression of local foodways, where nature and culture meet. Our menus change across the seven seasons, and we aim for 80 percent of our ingredients to come from Fogo Island. As we’re a hard-scrabble place, we often use time as an ingredient, through bottling, pickling and fermentation techniques. We marry modern sensibilities with deep-rooted culinary traditions. And as well as exciting your palate, our fare is nutrient-rich and healthful. Every dish tells a story of here, of the planters, fishers, hunters and foragers who share their bounty with us. 

5. Holistic sustainability

Fogo Island Inn offers a holistic immersion into community development and cultural preservation. Our social business model and commitment to community are clearly illustrated via Shorefast’s Economic Nutrition Certification Mark, which shows exactly “where the money goes” and how the cost of a stay contributes to the local and global economy. During both construction and operation, the Inn has consistently surpassed the requirements of environmental laws with goods and services only accepted from suppliers in areas that uphold basic environmental and labor standards. Our guests have the option to purchase carbon offsets for their journey and stay with us. Hyper-local suppliers (think: within view of the Inn, if possible) are favoured for food, amenities, and third-party services, and we’re proud to be a member of Regenerative Travel: a collection of properties dedicated to positive social and environmental impact. 

We can’t wait to welcome you back our corner of the Earth!