In Culinary | By Valerie Howes | November 25, 2021

Exciting News from Fogo Island Fish

Fogo Island Inn is one of four Shorefast social businesses, all working together to ensure the economic, cultural and environmental resilience of the 400-year-old fishing community of Fogo Island. Our sister business Fogo Island Fish has a new look and exciting new products for a taste of Fogo Island at home. We’re thrilled to share their news, so you can be among the first to explore their new website and offerings.

Over to our friends at Fogo Island Fish!

A new look and feel
We've been working behind the scenes to create a new website that reflects our vision, mission, and community-centred team. The single-line-drawn illustrations throughout the site are inspired by the traditional handlining method used to catch our cod, which uses one line. On our new site, you can find Fogo Island's 400-year-long story of resiliency, essential information about our seafood products (including catch methods and taste profiles), and inspiring recipes.

Wharf-to-door deliveries
For the first time, Fogo Island Fish is offering online ordering. Take advantage of direct delivery within the Greater Toronto Area for quick and effortless purchases of prime fish and shellfish from Fogo Island, right to your door. Our products are ethically harvested and flash-frozen at peak freshness. We have special gifting options for the holidays, in collaboration with Fogo Island Inn and Fogo Island Workshops. We also offer gift cards and a sampler package, "The Punt Box," that gives a taste of our wild-caught cod, crab, and shrimp.

Wear your Fogo Island pride
In response to demand from loyal customers, Fogo Island Fish is offering merch for the first time! Wearing or gifting our made-in-Canada toque is another way of supporting the cultural, economic, and environmental resilience of our community. Like our seafood products, 100 percent of surpluses from sales are returned to the people of Fogo Island, through Shorefast's charitable initiatives. In other words, this headgear will make you feel warm on the inside too!