In Nature | By Fogo Island Inn | April 28, 2019

Geology at the Edge (GatE) Rocks

Geology at the Edge (GatE) is one of the many Shorefast programs dedicated to building economic and cultural resilience on Fogo Island, Newfoundland. Using the approach of asset-based community development, Shorefast has established a holistic set of innovative, place-based social businesses and charitable initiatives on the Island. 

Geology at the Edge is the world's first community-based geologist-in-residence program. Led by geologist Paul Dean, GatE has brought many geologists to Fogo Island every year since its inception in 2013. Giving these researchers the opportunity to study the Island's geological history, as well as creating the opportunity for local people and visitors to learn from these scientists creates for many a lasting connection to the Island and the desire to return again and again. Besides performing their own research, geologists-in-residence also lead geology walks and make public presentations in the Fogo Island Inn Cinema that are opened to guests and community members alike. The Fogo Island Geology Centre was also opened in 2017 in the community of Shoal Bay after the extensive restoration of the former St. Simon’s Church. It now houses a permanent collection of geological specimens, maps, and interactive learning materials, and serves as a venue for exciting geology programming including youth workshops, lectures, and special events. Here are the geologists who will be visiting with us this season. Guests can check the board in the Inn's Lobby or visit our Community Host Coordinator desk to keep up to date on events and excursions happening during the course of their stay.