In Community | By Fogo Island Inn | July 27, 2017

“Good Cod”

Fish in Newfoundland means one thing: cod. The vital necessity of seafaring nations for generations, it is the humble fish that changed the world. Cod has played an instrumental role in Fogo Island’s economy and culture for centuries, and continues to influence the Island’s traditions and way of life to this day.

During our Summer and Berry Seasons, guests of all ages may head out on the open water to fish for cod in the powerful North Atlantic Ocean. Guests can embark on a boating excursion in their very own nimble but sturdy skiff and try their hand at the centuries-old tradition in the company of a knowledgeable seafaring Community Host.

This annual opportunity is referred to as the Food Fishery in the communities of Fogo Island and is open to residents and non-residents alike every day from now until August 6, followed by every weekend between August 6 and September 4. Finally, during the last week of September, the Food Fishery returns to a daily schedule until October 1, 2017. To learn more about Newfoundland and Labrador’s Food Fisheries, click here.