In News | By Jill Brown | February 1, 2024

Healing Heat: Fogo Island Inn’s Sauna Experience

On the edge of the North Atlantic, where natural elements shape life’s rhythm, Fogo Island Inn is a place where nature and culture come together to offer guests an immersive experience. Among the ample amenities offered is our wood-fired rooftop sauna, a nod to the Nordic tradition, promoting holistic well-being and rejuvenation.

Sauna culture has deep roots, and in many different corners of the world saunas are not a luxury but a way of life. The practice is not about getting clean, but about purifying the mind, body, and soul.

Our rooftop sauna is a sanctuary where guests can escape the chill of the Newfoundland air, immerse themselves in the timeless practice of sauna bathing, and connect with the island's spirit.

About Our Sauna

When we decided to include a sauna within our Inn, there was no reason to reinvent an ancient therapeutic practice. We learned from the best and hired Sami Rintala and Dagur Eggertsson, two Northern European architects based in Norway, to design the saunas and provide guests with an authentic experience.

Staying true to this place, our saunas are heated by wood-burning stoves – the same stoves found in our guest rooms, shared spaces, and many homes on the island. The warming comfort and crackling of the fire offer a tranquil environment ideal for unwinding.

A Sauna with a View

The path a guest takes to the sauna is as important as the design of the sauna itself. Our fourth-floor rooftop boasts expansive views of our ever-changing seascape – a seascape that sometimes features multi-year floes of pack ice, passing icebergs, or an uninterrupted horizon of deep blue water. Simply walking over to our saunas prepares you for the relaxation to come.

Each sauna has its unique perspective. The south-facing sauna receives direct sunlight and faces the rocky inland. The sauna to the north has views of the sea and can be a perfect spot from which to stargaze.

The Benefits of Sauna

Sauna bathing is renowned for its multifaceted benefits, offering a holistic approach to well-being. The detoxification process initiated by sweating in the sauna serves as a natural purifier, helping the body eliminate impurities. Beyond its cleansing effects, sauna sessions are a haven for relaxation, inducing a profound state of calmness that alleviates tension in muscles and promotes restful sleep.

The heat emanating from the sauna soothes the body and stimulates blood flow, contributing to improved cardiovascular health. Additionally, the skin, our body's largest organ, undergoes a rejuvenating transformation through regular sauna use. As pores open, the skin becomes more vibrant and circulation improves.

At Fogo Island Inn, we’ve created space for your wellness. Our wood-burning saunas, combined with rooftop hot tubs, are a therapeutic luxury worth experiencing yourself. Contact us to book your stay at Fogo Island Inn and ask about our rejuvenating amenities.

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