In Art & Design | By Fogo Island Inn | December 8, 2017

Suitcase Magazine Features Fogo Island

SUITCASE Magazine traveled to Fogo Island for their 21st issue, visiting our corner of the Earth in an exploration around the theme of Islands. From the Editor's Letter introducing the volume:

It’s my long-held suspicion that there exists inside each of us a strange longing to be shipwrecked. From the swashbuckling pirate tales of childhood to the desert island dreams we take refuge in as adults, the irresistible idea of life lived away from the mainland – and the mainstream – retains a tenacious hold on our imagination, particularly in troubled times when the urge to escape and build a new world intensifies.

This fantasy of paradise found is perhaps at the core of our fascination with islands. Each rock represents one of a myriad of possibilities, a tiny reality unfolding at its own pace and locked into battle with the surrounding waters and the contradictions inherent in island living – isolation versus interdependence, tradition versus reinvention, borders versus freedom.

SUITCASE Volume 21: The Islands Issue is now available for order online, and on newsstands: