In Art & Design | By Fogo Island Inn | March 29, 2019

The Island Music Teacher—Clavier Chronicle

Shot on Fogo Island in September of 2016, "The Island Music Teacher" is one of 12 stories in the second instalment of Ivy Lin's Clavier Chronicle film series.
Ivy started playing piano when she was five years old. Continuing an intense training regimen with the goal of becoming a piano major in college, her studies led her to emigrate from her native Taiwan to the USA. In 2012, Ivy came across a report in the NY Times about a piano moving company in Pennsylvania transporting pianos from households to the community dump. The video footage of pianos being pushed out of the back of the truck and crash-landing onto the ground drove her to tears, inspiring her to embark on a journey of collecting piano stories from around the globe.
A testament to how pianos and music can impact our lives, Clavier Chronicle series #2 was filmed from 2015-2018 and features 16 pianos located in 9 cities across 4 countries, including Taipei, Portland, Salem, and Seoul. Four of the stories were filmed on location in Newfoundland. You can watch "The Island Music Teacher," featuring Fogo Island Inn's grand piano, here.
The complete Clavier Chronicle series #1 and #2 can be viewed via the links below: