In Adventure | By Fogo Island Inn | March 16, 2018

The Ten Best Places to Hide and Easter Egg on Fogo Island

A recent unscientific poll, taken in advance of the arrival of annual Easter celebrations on Fogo Island, has revealed that more joy comes from finding an Easter Egg on an Easter Sunday in April than finding a missing Easter Egg in July. The groundbreaking feedback of these results has prompted the preparation of Fogo Island Inn’s first-ever “Top Ten Best Places to Hide an Easter Egg” list.

This top line list enables Fogo Island residents and visitors with insider intelligence to ensure that no Easter Egg will be left behind on Easter Sunday. The list of Top Ten Best Places to Hide an Easter Egg on Fogo Island highlights the key locations to focus an Easter Egg search when visiting the Island from March 30 through to April 2, 2018.

  1. At the top of the stairs of a short but rewarding hike up one of the Four Corners of the Earth: Brimstone Head
  2. By the edge of Fosters Pond, a short walk or snowshoe from Fogo Island Inn
  3. Nestled in a coil of rope on one of the many fishing stages and wharves throughout the Island’s 10 communities
  4. Between the feet of the bronze Great Auk, which sits gazing out to the Funk Islands at Joe Batt’s Point
  5. Under the stilts of Fogo Island Inn, where the ancient footpaths along the Back Western Shore wind towards Barr’d Islands
  6. On the tiny bridge of the Squish Studio in Tilting
  7. Between the chair legs of a half-finished Fogo Island Shop Bertha Chair in the Society of United Fishermen’s Hall, covered by a thin layer of sawdust
  8. Among the rocks at Seal Cove Beach, at low tide along Turpin’s Trail
  9. Under the Shoe Rock on the way to Cape Cove
  10. Next to the ancient Dropstone on the Back Western Shore

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