In Community | By Fogo Island Inn | October 28, 2016

Come From Away

From Gander, to Washington, to Toronto and Broadway—and Back Again

Originally named “The Newfoundland Airport” Gander International Airport has served in many important historical events, including those of 9/11 when nearly 6,700 unexpected guests were welcomed into the community and homes of local residents. Come From Away, a new Broadway musical inspired by the extraordinary kindness and community outreach that took place during that tumultuous week, showcases how Gander's residents came together to rally around their Friends from Away.

Fogo Island Inn respectfully acknowledges the remarkable role that Gander’s citizenry played in the unfathomable events and aftermath of 9/11. To mark the Canadian premiere of the new musical Come From Away Fogo Island Inn has created a tailored itinerary available now through to December 30, 2017.

The Inn’s Come From Away itinerary begins as soon as guests land at the Gander International Airport: a Fogo Island Community Host greets and guides them through various points of aviation importance before they make their way to Fogo Island. The Community Host will recount how the residents of Gander, Newfoundland opened their homes, schools and other community buildings to provide warm beds, hot meals, comfort and unbounded hospitality during a time of uncertainty and trauma. The tour can include visits to City Hall, the North Atlantic Aviation Museum, and the recently bestowed World Trade Centre steel monument as well as trace some of the journey the displaced 9/11 travellers underwent. Guests will gain insights to the acts of kindness and community spirit that touched hearts around the world and inspired the new Toronto and Broadway bound musical, Come from Away.