In News | By Valerie Howes | June 21, 2021

Make Your Stay Carbon Neutral at Fogo Island Inn

Our ultimate goal is to develop a place-based solution for carbon offset, which would directly benefit Fogo Island. This would be an important step towards achieving carbon neutrality on Fogo Island. With this future objective in mind, Fogo Island Inn is please to have partnered with Carbonzero, so our guests can opt in to achieve carbon neutrality for their stay, by supporting a Newfoundland-based project.
Having strong sustainability initiatives in place has always been a priority for us. Nature is sacred to the people of Fogo Island and environmental protection is vital, on a global scale, in these times of climate change. Now we are going one step further by offering guests the option to make their stay carbon neutral, by supporting a carbon-offsetting project in Stephenville and Appleton-Glenwood, Newfoundland.
Carbon neutrality is the process of balancing greenhouse gas emissions with greenhouse gas avoidances or removals in equivalent amounts. The emissions associated with an activity or process are measured, so that an individual or organization can achieve carbon neutrality by purchasing carbon offsets, equivalent to the emissions generated.
So how does it all work? It's quite simple, actually: When you make your reservation at Fogo Island Inn, we will provide you with an estimate of the carbon footprint of your visit. You will then have the option to purchase carbon offsets, making your stay carbon neutral. We can all play our part in conserving nature and respecting our planet's resources, for future generations. Learn more about Fogo Island Inn's Gentle Footprint here.
For more information about our Carbonzero carbon offsetting program, talk with our reservations team.